#YouthMonth: Celebrating Local Youth Empowerment (Thandeka Mani)

Story: Thandeka Mani | Photo: Supplied

Walter Sisulu Local Municipality (WSLM) emphasizes the significance of Youth Month by highlighting the contributions and experiences of the local youth employed by the municipality.

Thandeka Mani , Intern at the Human Resource unit, shares her experience:

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

A: I am Thandeka Mani, currently an intern at Walter Sisulu Local Municipality. I studied Public Management at Ikhala TVET College. Previously, I worked at Buhle Accommodation as an administrator and also as a teacher's assistant.

Q: How did you first learn about the employment opportunities offered by the Walter Sisulu Local Municipality?

A: I learned about the employment opportunities from the Walter Sisulu Local Municipality Facebook page, which announced that we should submit our documents to be included in the municipality's database.

Q: How has working for the municipality contributed to your personal and professional growth?

A: Working for the municipality has significantly boosted my self-confidence. Previously, I was very shy and suffered from social anxiety, but this experience has taught me to have confidence in myself and to interact with people, dealing with different characters on a daily basis.

Q: What skills have you developed or improved upon since you started working with the municipality?

A: I have developed better communication skills and improved my time management abilities.

Q: What does Youth Month and Youth Day (June 16) mean to you personally?

A: It is hard to answer this question because Youth Month and Youth Day are no longer celebrated like they used to be. However, I haven't forgotten the significance of the day.

Q: How do you feel your work has impacted the community within the Walter Sisulu Local Municipality?

A: Although I didn’t provide a specific example, I believe my work has positively impacted the community through daily interactions and contributions to municipal operations.

Q: What advice would you give to other young people in the community who are seeking employment or development opportunities, especially during Youth Month?

A: Use data wisely by sending out emails, searching for employment and internships, and exploring business ideas to equip yourself for the future.