Resealing roads in Maletswai: A boost for residents and businesses

Story: Phumla Ngubo | Photo: Phumla Ngubo

In Maletswai, within the Walter Sisulu Local Municipality (WSLM), significant changes are underway as the local roads undergo resealing, offering benefits for residents and businesses alike. Morena Setloboko, Project Management Unit, WSLM, a key figure in this endeavour, sheds light on the project's progress and its impact on the community.

"The resealing of the roads in Maletswai will bring tangible advantages to both residents and businesses," Setloboko asserts. "By providing a smoother and more accessible route, these rejuvenated roads will shorten travel times and alleviate the inconvenience caused by their previous dilapidated state."

Enhanced safety measures

Scheduled for completion within 10 months, the project has encountered setbacks due to adverse weather conditions, extending the timeline by approximately a month. Despite challenges, progress has been made, with a focus on enhancing safety and quality of life for the community.

"The improved infrastructure includes vital elements such as stormwater systems, road signage, and speed humps," Setloboko explains. "These additions are important in ensuring the safety of road users and preventing flooding, thus safeguarding properties and livelihoods."

However, challenges such as bad weather and community impatience during road closures have been faced. Nonetheless, measures have been implemented to mitigate these obstacles, including effective communication strategies and close monitoring by a dedicated team.

Ensuring durability and local economic empowerment

To guarantee the durability of the infrastructure, stringent measures have been taken. Professional engineers have overseen the project's design, with ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with quality standards. Moreover, local economic empowerment has been prioritised, with the engagement of Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) and the employment of local workers.

"The economic and social benefits are evident," Setloboko emphasizes. "The project has not only created job opportunities for locals but has also stimulated economic activity through rentals and support to local businesses."

Furthermore, the project aligns with broader development goals outlined in the WSLM's Integrated Development Plan (IDP). It addresses long-standing community aspirations and reflects the municipality's commitment to enhancing infrastructure across all its towns.

Looking ahead, Setloboko reveals plans for future infrastructure improvements, emphasizing the municipality's ongoing efforts supported by annual funding allocations. While Maletswai receives attention, the focus extends to all five towns within the municipality, ensuring equitable development.

The resealing of roads in Maletswai signifies more than just a construction project—it embodies progress, community empowerment, and a commitment to sustainable development. The journey towards enhanced infrastructure and improved livelihoods for residents and businesses continues.