Third Ordinary Council Meeting for 2023/24 Financial Year

Story: Sinazo Bonongo | Picture: Sinazo Bonongo

In a recent council meeting held on 26 March 2024, the focus was on the tabling of various committees' reports, marking a pivotal moment in the local governance landscape. The meeting, attended by council members and municipal management provided a platform to assess the progress, challenges, and recommendations put forth by the committees over the designated period.

Some of the items on the agenda included: Tabling of reports by speaker, Report of municipal Public Accounts Committees, Reports of Section 79 Committees, and Report of the audit committee, Disclosure of interests, Report of the executive committee as well as Report of councillors serving in SALGA provincial working groups among other items.

Despite notable achievements, some of the reports also acknowledged various challenges impeding progress in respective domains. Issues such as budget difficulties mainly in maintenance, bureaucratic hurdles, and infrastructural limitations were highlighted as impediments requiring concerted efforts to overcome. Moreover, each committee report put forth recommendations after some discussions, council members adopted and approved the recommendations.

Many reports were omitted from the session therefore presentation of the reports like the audit committee report  were reserved for the Special council meeting which is to be held 5 April 2024 where council will engage in robust deliberations, offering insights, recommendations, and constructive critiques for the best interest of the community.