Walter Sisulu Local Municipality celebrates historic matriculation success

Story: Samkelo Fetile | Photo: Supplied

The Eastern Cape matric class of 2023 achieved something really important. They set a new record for success, with 81.4% of learners passing their exams. This is a big improvement from the previous year when the pass rate was 77.3%. It's the best result since South Africa became a democracy, and it puts the Eastern Cape in sixth place among all provinces.

Mayor Cllr. Vania Davids is happy to share these great news, especially praising the schools in the Walter Sisulu Local Municipality (WSLM) for their hard work. She said, "This achievement shows how committed our learners, teachers, parents, and the community is. It proves that our learners are strong and our teachers are dedicated to making a good learning environment. I'm really proud of the schools in our municipality for their important role in this success."

The increase in the pass rate isn't just about numbers; it represents dreams coming true and a brighter future for every student involved. The Mayor added, "Our learners are the future leaders, innovators, and change makers. Their success in exams shows their hard work. I appreciate each student for their dedication to studying and doing well."

Everyone working together, including teachers, learners, parents, and the community, played a big part in making this success happen. The Mayor said, "As a municipality, we promise to keep supporting good education. The success of our learners is inspiring for the future. It's a reason to keep investing in education and making a place where every student can do well."

While celebrating this historic achievement, it's important to think about the effort everyone put in. WSLM is proud of its schools and hopes for even more success in the future. Congratulations to the matric class of 2023 for setting a high standard, and may this success inspire future generations.