Services to the people: Mayor Vania Davids leads Sassa initiative in Ward 8

Story: Samkelo Fetile | Photo: Samkelo Fetile

Mayor Vania Davids of Walter's Sisulu Local Municipality (WSLM), in collaboration with South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) officials, took a proactive step to address the needs of Ward 8 residents in Maletswai.

Recently, the Joe Slovo Community Hall served as a hub for the community, offering various services provided by Sassa. The event aimed to ensure that every resident had access to the assistance they needed.

Expressing the importance of the event, Mayor Davids said, "Our duty as public servants is to serve the people diligently and with compassion. By partnering with Sassa and bringing essential services directly to our community, we reaffirm our commitment to leaving no one behind."

The atmosphere at Joe Slovo Community Hall was one of unity and support, as residents engaged with Sassa officials on matters ranging from grant applications to eligibility criteria. Each individual received personalised attention, reflecting the municipality's dedication to its constituents.

"Events like these underscore the power of collaboration and community engagement," Mayor Davids emphasized. "Together with Sassa, we strive to create an environment where every resident feels supported and empowered to access the services they need to thrive."

The initiative showcased the municipality's proactive approach to addressing societal challenges and fostering inclusivity. By bringing essential services directly to the community, Mayor Vania Davids and Sassa officials demonstrated their commitment to building a more resilient society.

Residents expressed gratitude for the initiative, noting its tangible impact on their lives. From clarifying complex procedures to assisting with urgent applications, the event left a lasting impression, instilling hope and empowerment in the community.

As the day concluded, Mayor Vania Davids reaffirmed the municipality's dedication to ongoing support and engagement, ensuring that the needs of every resident are met with compassion and efficiency.

Through initiatives like these, WSLM continues to uphold its pledge to serve the people with integrity, compassion, and dedication.