Mayor engages with Joe Gqabi District SAPS on Festive Season Operational Plan

´╗┐Story: Samkelo Fetile | Photo: Supplied

The Mayor of the Walter Sisulu Local Municipality, Councillor Vania Davids, extended a recent invitation to the Joe Gqabi District SAPS Command Centre for a meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and share perspectives on their operational plan for the upcoming festive season. Representing the SAPS management team were Brigadier Asogran Naidoo, the Acting Joe Gqabi District Commissioner, and Lt Colonel Jantjies, the DOCC Coordinator.

This meeting is a proactive move to ensure the safety and security of the community of Walter Sisulu municipal area during the upcoming festive season. The festive season has arrived and law enforcement agencies often intensify their efforts to address the unique challenges associated with increased social activities, gatherings, and travel. During the meeting, the SAPS leadership outlined key objectives and strategies embedded in their festive season operational plan. The plan encompasses a multifaceted approach, including increased visibility of law enforcement personnel in public spaces, targeted patrols in high-risk areas, and collaboration with other relevant agencies to address potential security concerns.

Community engagement and public awareness

Apart from operational details, the Mayor and the SAPS leadership discussed initiatives focused on community engagement and raising awareness regarding various forms of crimes. The District Development Model and Cooperative Governance principles require all spheres of government to build a sense of shared responsibility for safety during the festive season and beyond. Collaborative efforts between the municipality and law enforcement agencies can significantly contribute to establishing a safer and secure municipal area, thereby attracting investment, retaining businesses, and promoting sustainable neighbourhoods.

Moving forward, there will be joint programs focusing on public education, awareness campaigns, community-police partnerships (community-in-blue), and the promotion of responsible and good citizenship. The meeting emphasizes the importance of communities anticipating a safer and more secure environment, underscoring the significant role each individual plays in supporting law enforcement. Safer communities give rise to safer citizens. The call is made against drinking and driving, reckless driving, gender-based violence, and drugs or substance abuse. The rallying cry is to ensure that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a safer society!